Crew manning for ships, otherwise known as crewing, are the services rendered by specialised shipping companies. Crew management services are an essential part of maritime and ship management that includes the management of all the various activities handled by crew on-board vessels, as well as related shore-based administration.

Our organisation is engaged in recruiting well qualified experienced professionals and skilled seafarers to international vessels. Our vision and mission are the employment of seafarersmore. We are a leading Crew Manager for Indian crews. The correct choice of crew and their management will greatly influence the life span of your asset. Indian crew has a long standing tradition of seafaring and our Indian crews are almost like family.We provide the Crew Manning Services, our mission is to provide high standard quality of crew to principle owners in the global scenario and to reach to the maximum Ship owners / Management throughout the world. We provide quality crew to our customers so that they can concentrate on other aspects of ship operation with ease. We manage the Human Resource Department with dedication on behalf of our customers.

We offer total crew management for all ranks, for all types of vessels and Rigs around the world. We also supply experienced Divers for any kind of work. We ensure good coordination between the Crew, Owner and Management. We select best Indian crew, which have got good reputation and demand in international market. We select crew holding Stcw-95 Convention Certificate and Valid License and are fluent in English.